Newborn baby and family portrait| Dublin Ireland.

This week I have been invited to meet and photograph new baby boy Rowan. Rowan is Sarah and Jeffs third baby and he was born in the family home. We talked for a while about the positive difference of having a baby at your own home surrounded by loved ones. They say the midwives were excellent at making their home especially cosy using candles and making everything more “pleasant ” for Sarah. Baby Rowan was very placid during the whole shoot and we spend two hours working uninterrupted just with breaks for breastfeeding. I personally think that having a birth home if brilliant maybe because the time I had my kids it was not offered by the HSE, at some parts of Ireland you still aren’t.

You can opt for Home birth according the HSE if:
“Home birth can be a safe option for low risk healthy women. Research shows that a planned home birth is an acceptable and safe alternative to a planned hospital birth for some pregnant women you will be assisted by two midwives.A free public service is provided by self-employed community midwives on behalf of the HSE.

Women may wish to have a home birth because they:

-want to feel more in control
-feel safer at home
-want to avoid intervention
-dislike being in hospital
-don’t want to be separated from older children…”

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