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What is a family portrait photography?

Or rather what is a portrait of a family? Portrait in general is a picture of a person, or a sketch or sculpture, but a portrait is so much than that. It is a collaboration between a subject and in this case a photographer. It is about the balance between those two. But first and foremost : how the photographer sees the world, how he or she sees other people.

Why invest in my portrait photography?

Investing in family portrait photography can have several benefits, including:

  1. Capturing memories: Family photography provides a way to capture and preserve memories of your family at different stages in life. It allows you to freeze a moment in time and have a tangible representation of your family’s history.

  2. Documenting growth and changes: By scheduling regular family photo sessions, you can document the growth and changes of your family over time. It can be fun to look back on old photos and see how much everyone has changed.

  3. Building family identity: Having family photos displayed in your home can help build a sense of family identity and unity. It reminds everyone of their place in the family and the love and support they receive from each other.

  4. Strengthening relationships: Family photography can be a bonding experience for families. It creates an opportunity to spend time together, have fun, and create lasting memories.

  5. Passing down to future generations: Family photos can be passed down to future generations, providing a connection to your family’s history and legacy. It can be a way to share stories and memories with your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Overall, investing in family photography can be a meaningful way to capture memories, build family identity, and strengthen relationships. It’s a worthwhile investment that can provide lasting benefits for generations to come. And it is also a very popular present for everyone!

I also have a special project called “Day of your life”:
 These are candid, natural life style but artistic portraits of family and especially children.

 The sessions usually take around 2-3 h and are a lot of fun:) I usually suggest places around Dublin that I know the light is good there and there is a shelter from the rain, but also where kids feel good and there is a lot to explore-especially for clients who come from around the country or abroad and don’t know Dublin well.

 I also travel to locations to spend some time with families in their own world that is familiar to them and have their own special places- this is a project that is called “the day of your life” and is a photographic essay about family’s life including detailed shots of daily life items, portraits, candid family shots, family doing things together: ie just going for a walk on the beach

..this project takes few hours to whole day depending on location, weather and planning. This session includes: a photo book,an online gallery with full photo story from the day- for downloading and 3 xA4 fine art prints. This is €750 plus cost of traveling outside of Dublin.

Can I bring my extended family and my pet or parents to the session?

  Yes. Absolutely. You’re welcome to bring pets and other family members. If you want you are welcome to bring change of clothes when it is your time in front of the camera. please communicate all these tips with other family members before hand.
  If you and your partner wish to be in some photos, please try to stick to plain clothing. I keep telling my lovely customers to wear clothes without logos and patterns on them as you can take focus away from the faces and the baby.
  Cotton, linen textile, wool , velvet, jeans are best textures for the shoot. If you have older siblings that you would like photographed with your newborn I these will be taken first.
I would recommend to bring some toys or things to entertain them throughout the photo shoot. Cream or white, beige, grey, powder pink, green is recommended for older siblings (tops with jeans or dresses for girls).

For a family portrait photo shoot it’s not even 3 hours long, but what are 3 hours when you can get beautiful pictures with your little one and the family!
family photography by anna nowakowska