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Bridal photography 

I am a wedding and portrait photographer with over 15 years of extended practice working with brides and grooms around the world and with background in photojournalism.

My style is non intrusive, relaxed yet professional with putting stress on the natural candid feeling of every moment and uniqueness of people present..

Please have a look at the gallery of recent portfolio of my European weddings:

The wedding photo story starts with the bride and groom preparation. I love spending every moment  and take the longest to capture all precious details.Furthermore it starts with the engagement photo session. Personally bride preparation is one of my favorite shots from the whole day. It is a very intimate and feminine moment so close to my maternity and portrait photography.

I love capturing the emotions that are very intense before the wedding, mum’s tears last spritz of perfume before going to the ceremony.

Bride Preparation Photo session

  From my experience I know that the punctuality is vital! When we start our bride preparation session normally the hair dresser, the bride’s maid of honour the make-up artist and of course the bride are all ready to start : that is at about 9-10 am.

 I then continue with my work during the make-up session, until the bride and bridesmaids are dressed, pampered and beautiful: ready for the ceremony. Mum has had the few most important moments with her daughter soon to be wife…

 It’s all so hectic and emotional sometimes it’s great to be there form the very beginning. My philosophy is to be with the bride as long as possible and talk to her as often as possible before the special day that is why i introduced the engagement photography some time ago and included this into my package.

Bride Photojournalism

It is vital that everyone starts work for the day at the same time. Especially in the winter time when light is poor and we need to hurry up for a nice after Ceremony shoot! My work from the preparation will cover details, close-ups of the bride’s dress, shoes, flowers, jewels and many many more…..