Engagement photo story.

I have been working with people for a while now and I know how important is the trust and friendship when taking photographs. I am meeting my couples few months before the wedding for an engagement photo shoot mainly to build up a relationship. That makes the wedding day a lot easier for the couple.

Pre-wedding and engagement photo story

The engagement photo story makes them feel comfortable around my camera and around me. The complete stranger that is going to be present and working at their special day. And also it’s a great opportunity to exchange opinions, ideas, plans… I quite often I let the couple to decide on the place they want their photos taken on that occasion. I love the idea that we are going to recreate the first day or a place where they’ve met some time ago. This brings happy memories and usually it’s a great relaxed day.  I work in a very relaxed manner trying to be “non-invasive” and in my pre-wedding and wedding I’d rather use photo journalistic technique. And I like to give a chance the wedding couples who have so much on their mind to get to know me and to know and make sure that it’s true.