Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism is a popular style of making contemporary wedding photography.

The most important element of the Photojournalism Style is meeting and exceeding the couple’s wishes, desires and taste with my own documentary style. Beyond delivering technical excellence the photographer’s eye and brain must be able to anticipate and recognize not only the physical actions and emotions but also the geometric shapes, lighting and composition that come together to reveal seemingly simple but complex images.

It is the photographer’s assignment to record these moments and produce images that will warrant many second looks over many years. PJ Style should be a cohesive collection of images that are not only a record of the day’s events but are also images that capture as many “decisive moments” as possible. As decisive moment I consider following the most renowned french photographer Henri-Cartier Bresson who believe that decisive moment is: “that split second of genius and inspiration that a photographer had to capture of certain moment” but “this moment is fleeting meaning that once  you miss that half o f a second to capture that moment it’s gone forever. Putting this in simple words there something always that we can miss and we need to be prepared for that …that is also a unique opportunity when capturing an amazing moemnts , candid shots in wedding photojournalism and photo stories.