Welcome to Matchbox Photography !

How it all started ?

When I was just 8 years old I have received my first manual /film camera. It was brand new shiny and had plenty of buttons to play with. It had also been wrapped in a beautiful red velvet case with a leather handle.

I remember using this whole thing as my handbag and played with it, because you see back then I was a sophisticated lady.

Some time later I have been introduced to a darkroom workshop and how magically a picture appears on the paper. Since that moment I am constantly surprised with how the camera works and how it creates an image. I was hooked and I never dreamed of doing anything else. 

I studied photography for most of my childhood, teenage and adult life.

Then I became a photojournalist at age 22. I have also studied the analog darkroom, digital photography I learned how to navigate natural light and studio lights photography. But most importantly I have been photographing people using all those techniques for decades now.

It is my passion and joy, and because my children grew out of posing I can’t wait to photograph yours! 

  My major professional focus and passion is portrait photography.  In my portraiture photography I am experienced and trained in range of themes from unique baby, newborn and kids photography to wedding portrait.

 My work is mainly focusing on Portrait Photography I listen carefully to what my clients are requesting or dreaming about when it comes to having their portrait taken. We work together on achieving the best result by making certain preparations. we then meet and I take portraits using mostly available light, window light or sky light.

 I usually am hired by clients who understand my style as natural and relaxed. Without too much posing but rather having a timeless candid portraits of their loved ones in colour and black and white on their walls or in a form of a lovely heirloom photo book.

 Every person, or wonderful newborn is so different than another- it’s inspirational. I laso love photographing social documentary projects that focus on people in certain enviroment.

  I work in a very relaxed  manner. It is very important that everyone in front of my camera from baby or newborn to bride’s father at wedding ceremony  feels comfortable. From my experience I know that not everyone was born a “camera beast.”

How this photo session  works?

 My photo session fee covers coming to your house to photograph you and your family (on location photo session).

I have learnt over the years  that it is most comfortable for both baby and parents to take few first photos portraits in their own environment.

I mainly travel to location. By location I mean the comfort of your family home. I travel across Ireland and Europe for the photographic work I do. Because of years of experience thought me, having a brand  newborn or baby or just expecting it during maternity might be quite stressful at times. 

Please enjoy my gallery of portraits, especially those with baby, newborn and kids portraits photography, and please note that I am always open for your ideas as well.