Welcome to Baby, Newborn, Family & Wedding Photography!

My major professional focus and passion is portrait photography.  In my portraiture photography I am experienced and trained in range of themes from unique baby, newborn and kids photography to wedding portrait. Focusing on Portrait Photography I would like to offer my own and fresh look at every single small and “big” face that I have  a pleasure to photograph and every special moment to capture. Every  little baby, or wonderful newborn is so different than another- it’s inspirational. I work in a very relaxed  manner. It is very important that everyone in front of my camera from baby or newborn to bride’s father at wedding ceremony  feels comfortable. From my experience I know that not everyone was born a “camera beast.” My service covers coming to your house to photograph  you and your family (on location photo session),  I have learnt over the years  that it is most comfortable for both baby and parents to take few first photos portraits in their own environment. And I mainly travel to location. Having a brand  newborn or baby or just expecting it during maternity might be quite stressful at times. . But we can also meet in my photography studio which is based in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Please enjoy my gallery of portraits, especially those with baby, newborn and kids portraits photography, and please note that I am always open for your ideas as well.:)