Newborn Photographer | Anna Nowakowska

I started to take  newborn and  baby pictures 15 years ago with my film camera and have been practicing my photographic skills since. I continued my practice throughout the years on my own children and those of my friends and relatives continuously. And I am still learning every time I have a pleasure to photograph new baby, new life… Baby photography and newborn photography therefore are special to me. Capturing those first moments of life is precious and very rewarding. For me also very important is not to be cliche and therefore I always try to photograph each child differently using different and unique hand made props  every time.

Safe and enjoyable photo session primarily consists of:
Experience, preparation, peace, patience, warmth, hygiene, conversation, a little more patience and rhythm.
One of the most important stages of newborn session is the preparation,  I always in every detail and accurately describe how our meeting will look like and how to prepare for it, so that nothing was a surprise . I spend quite some time writing “preparation”  emails  I want to personally answer all your questions and concerns before the session (regardless of whether it is in stating the two e-mails or forty :). The littlest ones are like high-voltage sensors, so my job is to make you feel most confident, calm and comfortable  about letting me into your home.

At the session, I always try to act in the rhythm of your baby, do not pull out the camera after two minutes of crossing your threshold (mostly doing home sessions so that the pictures were for you real memories of those first days of the time spent on this particular couch and the rocking chair: ) I bring along my portable studio never in a hurry, hygiene is extremely important to me: I clean hands on arrival, gather the hair, blankets and accessories are washed in safe detergents ( I always ask parents about allergies anyway), When posing :Your baby is always assisted ( parents taking actively part in the session as helpers) and in secure position, I also care about the proper temperature in the room and best conditions for posing. I also try to explain to parents why I use and love natural light and where to find the best of those in their home. I explain what I am going to use and how I am going to proceed in stages. Also I am very open to your ideas and I like when you share those with me. I am also the member of qualified International Newborn Photography Association.