Newborn portrait | Anna Nowakowska

newborn baby portrait photography by anna nowakowska_38

Newborn portrait is a special  and unique type of photography. First of all if photography helps to capture some moment in time this above all is the fastest changing moment in time that needs to be captured. The time when your brand new baby turns into a toddler and a little girl or boy. I often hear from mums that  I have met to take photos for their newborns (that after 2 weeks when the photos are ready and delivered): oh Anna I can’t believe he has changed so much it’s been only two weeks!  It’s also form the point of view of the photographic standards the best time for posing into cute little bundles of everything that we love about newborn photography. It’s good to make some time and schedule appointment with the photographer  before the baby’s due.  And I will then definitely mind some slot to capture your newborn baby’s first moments of life.


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